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Flashfish 292Wh/320W Portable Power Station

Flashfish 292Wh/320W Portable Power Station

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flashfish portable power station

Flashfish A301 strives to use the world’s most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions in order to enable you to live, dream, and explore to the fullest extent possible. Whether you’re looking to cut down on your carbon footprint or just want to stay prepared for any power outage, our products will have you covered.

● PD 100W &10W Wireless Charger
● Safe and reliable BMS system
● Fully Charge in Only 3.5 Hrs
● Flashfish 100W Solar Panel: 4-6 Hours
● For outdoor camping, emergencies, garden party, etc.


Battery Capacity: 292Wh/80000mAh
AC Outputs: 110V rated 320W peak 600W
DC Outputs: 12V/10A
USB-C Input/Output: 100W for input & output
USB-A/QC 3.0: 5V/5.4A; 18W
Wireless Charger: 10W
LED Light: Spot Light/Read Light/SOS Flashlight Modes
AC Adapter: 15V/4A
Solar Charger: 18V-24V, 100W recommended; Sold Separately
Cycles: >800 times
Weight: 7.05lb
Size: 9.37in*7.17in*6.30in


When the battery is recharging, DC, PD and USB outputs can be used simultaneously, but AC and QC 3.0 outputs would stay OFF.

The AC output port can charge devices less than 320W, DC output can charge devices total less than 168W; Once exceeding, this portable power generator will be in protection mode and shut down.

SOLAR PANEL IS SOLD SEPARATELY - We Recommend Flashfish 18V 100W Solar Panel

flashfish portable solar generator

Youtube Review

Flashfish 520Wh/560W Portable Power Station


User review: I received the 560w Solar Power Generator from Flashfish to review.  For being such a small device, this thing can charge a lot of devices at the same time!  In this video, I tested all the ports and really put the AC plug ports to the test!  It pulled off over 560w with no problem and with 520wh of available battery power, it would be great for a CPAP battery backup! 


Flashfish 292Wh/320W Portable Power Station


User review: The FlashFish A301 has a power rating of 320w. This is enough to charge a laptop, tablet, cell phone and even run a TV. This unit has a nice light with a number of settings to help you see in the dark. The base unit comes with a wall charger and a car charger. You can also use a 100w solar panel to charge the unit. There is a wireless charger on top of the case for your phone. Two AC outputs and three usb outputs. 


Flashfish 300Wh/330W Portable Power Station



Flashfish 151Wh/200W Portable Power Station


User review: I received the 200w Solar Power Generator and separate 50w solar panel from Flashfish to review. For being such a small device, this thing can charge a lot of devices at the same time! In this video I tried to max out the number of small devices I could possibly charge and it did it with no problem. The solar panel can charge the Flashfish 200w Solar Power Generator and and 2 more USB devices at the same time!


Flashfish 166Wh/150W Portable Power Station


User review: Flashfish 200W Peak Power Station. I've taken this little power box camping and have been very happy with it's performance as it changed everything I plugged into it.  It was never below 75% over 3 days of camping.  I've since added the Flashfish 50W 18V Portable Solar Panel which worked as designed.


Flashfish 98Wh/120W Portable Power Station


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compact portable generator

Home/Blackout/Hurricane Backup Power

With the Flashfish portable generator, your camping trip can be a lot more comfortable. You can use it to crank up the music, power up a drone, keep the lights on, charge your phone, and power up other delicate appliances.

flashfish 300w solar generator

Advanced Fafety Features

● Short-circuit Protection
● Over-current Protection
● Over-charging Protection
● Low-voltage Protection
● Over-temperature Protection

flashfish 300w portable power station

Package List

1 * 292Wh Portable Power Station
1 * AC adapter
1 * PD charging cable
1 * car charger cable
1 * user guide

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