WZRELB 5000W/10000W Peak Pure Sine Inverter Demo


1. WZRELB 5000w 12v dc to 120v ac pure sine wave inverter, 5000w continuous power, 10000w peak power, as good as grid power, power backup for home power supply. Dual US outlets with 2 prong plugs.

2. WZRELB 5000w pure sine wave inverter with a host of safety features, ensuring your equipment is protected against over voltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit, and over heat. Additionally, our power supplies feature polarity reverse protection, ensuring that if the power supply is accidentally reversed, the equipment will still be protected. Finally, our power supplies also have ground protection, ensuring that any leakage of electricity is kept away from your equipment.

3. The 5000W Power Inverter is equipped with extra thick PCB which greatly enhances the load capacity of the inverter, making it a reliable performer for your home power supply needs.

4. The build-in intelligent cooling fan helps keep your battery running cooler and longer. It only comes on when the temperature reaches 68 degrees Celsius or higher, making it fairly quiet and more energy-efficient.

5. Our high quality pure copper inductance helps to filter the wave form and ensure the true pure sine wave AC output, safeguarding your equipment in the process.


Input: 12VDC

Output: 120VAC

Frequency: 60Hz

DC input range: 10V-15V

Low Voltage Alarm : 9.5V-10.5V

Low Voltage Shut Down: 9V-10V

Over Load: shut off, recover manually

Over Voltage Shut Down :15.5V

Efficiency: 85%-90%

AC Regulation: 3%

Over Thermal: Shut Off Output Automatically, Over voltage protection

Cooling Ways: Cooling Fan will run when the temperature is over 50 degree

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