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Review: This is a review of my WZREB (Reliable Electric) brand 1500W 12VDC Pure Sine wave Inverter which I have had for 4 years. I believe it is a good option for anyone seeking a lower cost alternative but also wants a good and reliable inverter. I think this one does what it claims and is priced very well.

Looking for a reliable and efficient power inverter? Look no further than the WZRELB 1500 watts pure sine wave inverter! This compact and portable power inverter is perfect for camping, road trips and emergencies, and can be used in cars, vessels and homes. With its free and clean energy, the WZRELB 1500watts pure sine wave power inverter is ideal for marine power, vehicle power and industrial power.


1. This 1500W (surge 3000W) pure sine wave inverter is perfect for powering all of your electronics. It comes with 4 cables with cable lug terminals, a manual, and fuses. Everything you need to install the WZREB pure sine wave inverter is included.

2. . Our perfect sine wave inverter is equipped with an extra thick PCB to enhance its load capacity, high quality mosfets, and true copper inductance. This combination results in a perfect pure sine wave AC output.

3. Advanced safety protections include under voltage alarm cut down protection, over voltage protection, reverse fuse protection, high volt cut off protection, and over current protection. If an overload or short circuit occurs, the system will automatically shut off, preventing any damage.

4. The LED Display for both DC volt and AC volt makes it easy to monitor your power usage, making it an ideal choice for off grid system or emergency power backup.

5. A silent cooling system keeps the inverter cool without any annoying noise. The rational and sufficient design of the heat sink inside ensures that the inverter stays cool.


DC input: 12V

DC input range: 10V-15V


AC output: 120V

AC Regulation:3%

Frequency: 60Hz

Socket:15a USA type Low Voltage Alarm:9.5V-10.5V

Low Voltage Shut Down: 9V-10V

Over Load: shut off, recover manually

Over Voltage Shut Down:15.5V

Over Thermal: Shut Off Output Automatically, Over voltage protection

Cooling Ways: Cooling Fan will run when the temperature is over 50 degree

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