Reliable Brand(WZRELB) 3000W/6000W Surge OFF-GRID Power Inverter Tests!


1. The 3000W true pure sine wave power inverter is perfect for powering your home or office during a power outage. With 6000W surge power, it can handle even the most demanding loads.
2. Convert DC 12V to AC 110V 120V household power, with 60Hz frequency, and with ture pure sine wave output. This allows you to use standard AC appliances anywhere there is a DC power source.

3. It delivers ultra clean power which is as same as the AC grid power supplied by your utility. This improves the performance of AC equipment with low interference technology. It is a good choice for televisions, stereos, and other sensitive loads that require high accuracy.

4. With low idle power draw, this product helps reduce the loss of the circuit and improve the efficiency of electrical appliances.

5. The dual fan system ensures long-term stability, while the AC ground connection makes it safe to use even off-grid. Plus, it delivers superior performance for off-grid applications.

6. With the LED Digital Display, you can power different devices at the same time with no issues and monitor the voltage changes at any time.

7. Silent operation, the intelligent controlled fan only starts rolling when the temperature is about 55 degrees centigrade.

8. Our all-around protection system includes overload protection, high volt cut off protection, low voltage alarm protection, short circuit protection, over heat protection, and fuse protection.

9. Most kind of AC appliances can be powered. Wide applications as follow:

· Equipment: Computer, Printer, Monitors, Fax Devices, Scanner
· Entertainment Electronics: TV, DVD-Player, Play Consoles, Hi-Fi Systems, Music Instruments,Satellite Decoder
· Household Appliances: Vacuum Cleaner, Fans, Electric Shaver, etc...
· Kitchen Devices: Coffee Maker, Mixer, Ice Machines, Toaster etc...
· Electrical Tools: Drill, Grinding Machines, Pruning Shears,Compressors,Pumps

The perfect power inverter for your next camping trip, RV, truck or car! This solar-powered inverter is perfect for running your TV, laptop or other equipment.

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