What Size Inverter do I Need?

Power inverters are a great way to keep your devices charged while on the go. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need to power a TV or charge your phone, there is an inverter for you. Inverters are also available in hybrid and inverter-charger combinations, so you can get the most out of your battery.

What Size Inverter do I Need

There are many different types of power inverters, each designed for a specific purpose. Solar power inverters, for example, are designed to take the extra energy produced by solar panels and return it to the utility grid. Inverters for use in RVs, trucks, cars, boats, vans and more are available.

So, how do you size a brand new inverter? Sizing an inverter is as simple as knowing exactly how much power you need. If you think you will be plugging in more devices at some point, consider this and increase your numbers.

This means that once you know your total usage (in watts) (at the same time), you will be able to find the perfect inverter solution for yourself. You can usually find this information on the back of your appliance or equipment, and if they give you amps instead of watts, here's a formula to help you.

Amps x Volts (usually 110v-120v in the US) = Watts

How to Choose the Right Inverter Size

When it comes to choosing the right inverter size, there are a few factors you need to take into account. The most important consideration is the devices you plan to run simultaneously. Once you have an idea of the power draw of those devices, you can then choose an inverter that is closest to that size. Keep in mind that you should always choose an inverter that is about 20% larger than the total power draw of your devices.

Inverters are usually available in two power ratings, which are

continuous power
peak power (usually twice the size)

Now, let's review the common inverter sizes and what they are used for.

1000w pure sine wave power inverter

A 1000 watt power inverter can be used to power small appliances and some power tools simultaneously. This is a common power source for recreational vehicles, campers, trucks, boats, and small solar installations.
A zoomed-out view of a 1000w pure sine wave inverter, indicating its compact size and ease of portability
This is the right size inverter to put in the back of your truck in case you need some power tools or lights in order to use them. Not to mention, you never know when there's a surprise birthday party or barbecue you can attend.


1500w pure sine wave power inverter

A 1500 watt inverter is a great option for small home offices, as it can handle most of the devices you would need to run on a daily basis. If you're looking for a backup power solution in case of a power outage, a 1500 watt inverter is a good choice. It can also be used to power power tools in the store or various conveniences while camping, as long as you adjust the power accordingly.
A side view of a 1000w pure sine wave inverter, displaying the input and output ports as well as ventilation fans
The rule of thumb for sizing a 1500 watt inverter is to combine the power of all the devices you plan to use at the same time (don't forget the basic necessities, like lights) and give yourself 20% of the space.


2000w pure sine wave power inverter

A 2000-watt inverter is still a portable device that provides ample AC power for your store, home, camping and recreational needs. These devices are typically used on the road (RVs, trucks or boats) and they are large enough to be used for medium-sized solar applications.
A rear view of a 2000w pure sine wave inverter, highlighting the input and output ports and the cooling fan
2000 watt inverters are good for almost anything! Whether you're building something in the wild and need power tools, or just want to be comfortable in your RV, this inverter size is sure to get the job done (as long as you calculate your needs correctly).


3000w power inverter

The maximum load of your 3000 watt inverter should be approximately 2400 watts. This means that the inverter can handle running a few large devices at the same time or a lot of smaller devices simultaneously.
A picture of a 3000w pure sine wave inverter being used in a home or office, connected to various electronic devices
As long as you do not exceed the maximum power (3000 watts minus 20%), running microwaves, small refrigerators, heaters, portable air conditioners, coffee makers, etc. should not be a problem. If you don't see the wattage on the device label, you can simply multiply the amps by the volts.

Charging your phone and tablet is no problem either, and now you can even filter the inverters based on the different features and specifications you may be interested in. For example, from inverters with "AC terminals" to warranty terms, technical support, and more.


4000 watt pure sine wave inverter

This powerful 4000 watt pure sine wave inverter should be able to meet your heavy-duty power needs. Small air conditioners, heaters, hair dryers, refrigerators, and anything else should run comfortably as long as you adjust the load properly.

An image of the front panel of a 4000w pure sine wave inverter, showing the LED display and buttons for various functions

You can run your store or building equipment, water pumps, solar installations. Inverters of this size (4,000 watts) are also perfect for use as a backup power system in your home or office.

Don't forget that inverters have something called inrush (or peak) current, which is also measured in watts. It is usually twice the size of the inverter and will only last a few seconds (which is fine for most device surges).


5000 Watt Power Inverters

This 5000 watt industrial-grade inverter can power almost any household appliance, as long as you don't exceed the wattage limit. If you want to be completely energy independent, all you need is a solar panel installation (or wind turbine) and an inverter like this one. With this inverter, you'll have all the power you need to run your home, and you'll never have to worry about power outages again.


7000 Watt Power Inverters

This powerful inverter is perfect for powering large loads. With its industrial-grade performance, you can trust that it will handle even the most strenuous tasks. Remember, quality is always key, so don't forget to choose a top-of-the-line inverter like this one.


10,000 Watt Power Inverter

If you have heavy-duty applications or run remote construction sites, you need this inverter! You can use a 10,000-watt inverter in your store, home, remote workplace, RV, boat or truck, and you'll have plenty of power as long as you have a high-capacity battery.

The 10,000-watt inverter can be used to provide backup power to your entire house in the event of a power outage, or to take you completely off the grid with solar panels and wind turbines. If you prefer to live or travel remotely, you can install one of these in your cabin or RV and have all the power you need!
Of course, this industrial-grade inverter is also suitable for very large applications, which is why sine wave systems are favored.

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