Top 7 Solid-State Battery Companies in 2022

With the rapid expansion of demand in multiple markets such as new energy vehicles, energy storage, electric power tools, electric two-wheelers, drones, powerwall batteries, and smart wearables, continuous technological innovation is a key factor for enterprises to maintain competitiveness along with stable supply capacity. The new round of technological competition in the battery industry has already begun, and the research and application of solid-state batteries are also accelerating. Let's take a look at the list of the top 7 solid-state battery companies in 2022

Energy Storage Batteries

CATL: Innovating and Leading Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Founded on December 16, 2011, CATL is a global leading new energy innovative technology company, dedicated to the research and development, production, and sales of new energy vehicle power battery systems, as well as energy storage systems. The company is committed to providing world-class solutions and services for global new energy applications. Its core technologies include the full industry chain R&D and manufacturing capabilities in power and energy storage batteries, materials, battery cells, battery systems, battery recycling, and secondary utilization.

On January 17, Ningde Times signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding with UL Solutions, a global application security science expert, to jointly promote the safe and reliable application of battery energy storage systems and power batteries. As the first domestic enterprise to initiate the UL Solutions UL 9540A WTDP accreditation laboratory application, CATL possesses testing and verification capabilities at all levels and in all aspects. Currently, CATL has obtained the qualification of the WTDP accreditation laboratory granted by UL Solutions for UL 1973 energy storage and power auxiliary battery standards, UL 9540 energy storage systems and equipment standards, and UL 2580 power battery standards.



BYD: Innovating with Technology for a Better Life

BYD is a high-tech enterprise committed to "using technological innovation to meet people's aspirations for a better life." Established in February 1995, after more than 20 years of rapid development, BYD has established more than 30 industrial parks worldwide, achieving a strategic layout on six continents.

BYD's business layout covers electronics, automobiles, new energy, and rail transit, and plays a pivotal role in these fields. From energy acquisition, storage, to application, BYD constructs a comprehensive zero-emission new energy solution. BYD is a listed company in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, with a turnover and total market value exceeding RMB 100 billion.

Recently, BYD has reached a strategic partnership with multinational bank group Santander in Mexico, laying the foundation for BYD's entry into the Mexican passenger car market and further promoting sustainable travel in the market. Through this strategic cooperation, BYD can provide local consumers with a comprehensive automotive finance solution. Specifically, this partnership aims to provide all new energy BYD cars with a 10% down payment and financing for up to 72 months for bank and non-bank customers. Additionally, there is a 0% commission plan available.

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LG: Leading Battery Technology

LG, a subsidiary of South Korean LG Group, is a global leader in battery technology. LG's new energy business covers power batteries, small batteries, and energy storage systems.

The company's joint venture with Honda, LH Battery, has started building an electric vehicle battery factory in Ohio, with the goal of starting production by the end of 2025. Honda and LG Energy established LH Battery in August last year, planning to invest $4.4 billion to build a new electric vehicle battery factory in the United States to provide batteries for Acura models assembled in the United States. The battery factories planned annual production capacity will reach 40 GWh.


WELION: A Leading Manufacturer of Lithium-ion Batteries

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Beijing, China, with a range of core patents and technologies, WELION is the only solid-state battery technology industrialization platform of the Clean Energy Laboratory at the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The company is dedicated to providing high-energy density, high-safety, high-power, wide-temperature range, and long-life hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte batteries and all-solid-state battery products.
Through original innovation, the company has overcome existing technological bottlenecks and its products are widely applied in new energy vehicles, ships, large-scale energy storage, and 3C consumer industries.


GTC-Power: Global Solid-State Lithium Battery Hub

GTC-Power was established on July 15, 2021, in Zhuhai, China. The company has already established an advanced battery research center in Yokohama, Japan and will soon build a world-leading solid-state lithium battery and related core material research and trial production center in Zhuhai, China, while also planning to construct overseas bases in Korea, the United States, and Europe.

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Tailan: Solid-State Lithium Battery Tech Innovator

Chongqing Tailan New Energy Co., Ltd. was founded on May 26, 2021, and is a new energy high-tech enterprise jointly established by a team of lithium battery R&D experts introduced through China's national high-level overseas talent program and a domestic senior industrialization team. The company is dedicated to the development and industrialization of new solid-state lithium batteries and key lithium battery materials. The solid-state battery products developed by Tailan New Energy have mature technology and have made significant breakthroughs in key performance indicators. With high safety and reliability, high energy density, and low production costs, the products are leading the market for the next generation of high-performance power batteries. In early 2022, the company initiated the construction of "2+10" GWh automated production lines for solid-state lithium batteries, with the first 200 million GWh production line scheduled for mass production within the year, and the simultaneous construction of a 10 billion GWh production line. The company is also actively developing and industrializing cutting-edge solid-state battery technology for energy storage, mobile power, and special applications markets.

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ENPOWER: A Leading Innovator in Solid-State Lithium Battery Technology

Founded in July 2012, ENPOWER is committed to technological innovation, productization, and industrialization of world-class solid-state batteries, and has become an invisible champion enterprise in the segmented field.

The company established the "International Innovation Center for Advanced Batteries and Materials," which fully connects 30 companies in the upstream, midstream, and downstream of the Japanese solid-state battery industry chain, addressing the dual challenges of energy density and safety. A truly world-leading solid-state battery industry chain has been incubated in China to meet the huge market demand brought by mobile electronics, electric vehicles, and new energy storage.

ENPOWER has successfully developed a 18650 cylindrical battery with a capacity of 4095mAh, achieving industry-leading energy density (389Wh/kg and 888Wh/L). This development achievement has set a new energy density record for rechargeable 18650 cylindrical batteries. Compared with batteries currently on the market, ENPOWER's batteries are at least 20% lighter and have at least 15% higher energy density. This will provide lighter and more energy-efficient batteries for unmanned aerial vehicles, electric planes, and electric vehicles.

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