The reason why the car inverter suddenly stops working?

Inverters, like most electronics, usually have two specifies: functioning perfectly and suddenly not functioning at all. Some interior elements fail, for whatever factor, when you connect it in, absolutely nothing happens.


Does the inverter have power?

Since the inverter works by transforming a 12V DC input voltage to 120V AC, it will not work if your inverter is not well connected for your car's electric system. Therefore, confirm that the link in between the inverter and the electric system or auxiliary battery (if you have actually one) is secure which the electric system remains in great functioning purchase.


Cigarette Lighter Inverter

If your inverter is connecteded into the cigarette lighter on the dash or its substitute - the 12v device outlet often found in modern vehicles - several points can cause the 12v outlet to fail.

Inspect the outlet for blockages.

Inspect the outlet for potential shorts triggered by steel objects such as paper clips or small coins.

Don't get to into the electrical outlet with any metal objects such as screwdrivers or tweezers. You could obtain an electrical stun.

If the outlet is OK, test it by connecting another device into it.


Battery-connected inverters

If you have actually an inverter that's wired to a battery.

Using an unique device, inspect the inverter's power and ground cables.

If the inverter has no power or ground, inspect the power and ground cables for rust or shorts.

Inspect any in-line fuses or fuse box fuses, if any.

Also if the inverter has power and ground, it may not work if the batteries and electrical system are not in great functioning purchase. Some inverters will warn you when the input voltage is too reduced with a sign light or warning tone, but this may not hold true with your unit. If your battery is operating reduced or your generator isn't charging properly, look after these problems before you leave for a journey.


Is the inverter used with high amperage equipment?

Each inverter is ranked to deliver a specific level of power level constantly and at various degrees for brief time periods. If your inverter is ranked for customer electronic devices such as laptop computers, portable video pc gaming systems and mobile phone battery chargers, but someone has plugged in a hair clothes dryer or mobile fridge, after that the inverter may have been overstressed.

Some inverters consist of integrated fuses or circuit breakers; if this happens, do a checkup of the inverter and looking for a reset switch or fuse owner. If you find one, resetting the breaker or changing the fuse may return your inverter to great functioning purchase, although you will need to keep it listed below the unit's power score in the future.

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In various other situations, the inverter may be completely damaged by connecting into a gadget such as a fridge that attracts a great deal of amps when the compressor gets on. If the inverter is damaged by doing this, it may be feasible to fix it by changing the interior element that failed, but replacing the whole unit may be a better idea.


Is the inverter connected backwards?

If you have actually a small cigarette lighter inverter or device outlet, connecting it's easy. You connect it into the cigarette lighter outlet and you're great to go. However, connecting the battery-wired inverter in reverse can permanently damage the unit.

If you guess that someone has wired your inverter in reverse, looking for an integrated fuse or circuit breaker to change or reset it, but if it no longer works, the unit could suffer irreparable damage.


Changing an inverter that has stopped functioning

Also if you find that the inverter has stopped functioning because of a blown fuse, corroded power cable, or various other problem, you should probably replace the device if it quits working. In this situation, looking for a substitute inverter that meets the needs of your particular application.

For example, if your needs are fairly small and your inverter is stopping working because someone connected it to the battery accidentally, consider purchasing a cigarette lighter inverter. These devices cannot handle high power level tons, but it's not feasible to connect them in reverse.

If your power needs are more extreme compared to a cigarette lighter inverter can handle, use this formula to determine how large the inverter should be. That said, properly installing your new inverter will also ensure that it provides you with years of hassle-free solution.

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